Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Batch No. 5 - Liquid Karma

Liquid Karma - Coffee Porter

Brewed - December 23, 2007

Style - Coffee Porter
Source - / Bob's HBS

  • 7.0 lbs. LME
  • 1.0 lbs. American Crystal 80L
  • 1.0 lbs. American Munich Light
  • 1.0 lbs. Chocolate Grain
  • 1.0 lbs. Flaked Oats
  • 1.0 lbs. Corn Sugar
  • o.25 lbs. American Black Patent
  • 1.5 oz. Fuggles (60)
  • 1.5 oz. Fuggles (15)
  • 4 cups strong coffee (DH)
  • Wyeast #1028 London Ale

OG - 1.068
Primary - 7 days
Secondary - 27 days

Bottled - January 26, 2008

FG - 1.020
Attenuation - 70.6%
ABV - 6.3%

- 4 cups strong coffee (Organic Sumatra)
- cooled in fridge; dumped in secondary
- named after my fav Ballard coffee shop, the now defunct Karma Coffee

I love coffee, I love porters and I love the combo, so this was a natural one to try. Found a nice looking recipe on and this was my first time following a recipe and picking up all my supplies at a homebrew shop. That process made it all more real b/c as opposed to receive a complete kit via FedEx, I had to measure out and crush all the needed grains. More expensive, but something is said for smelling all those grains and having a more organic experience.

This turned out to be one of my fav batches to date and really took off after 3 months in the bottle with flavor and texture taking some time to meld together. Brewed again in early 2009 w/ some minor changes.

After coffee dumped into secondary

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